Sunday, August 10, 2014


So I am finally back from my Taiwan trip and I must say it was one of my best traveling experience. I will definitely blog about it soon after sorting out all the 54839262 pictures that I took. Hahaha... So before flying off, I had a photshoot session and I posted a behind the scene picture on my Instagram. I said that it was for an international clothing brand, and now I just can't wait to share it with you guys. I was so lucky and honored to collaborate with Gap Malaysia in styling a few of their Summer Collection.

So I believe all of you know Gap, and it's not an unfamiliar name to everyone. I have always love Gap, and I still remember wearing Gap kids when I was younger. So summer is here, and it's the season to wear less and enjoy the sun. For this collection, I have tried something new, something that I have not tried before in my previous outfit. It may not be something special to some of you, but to me it's really my first time. So what is it? 

There you go! WEARING SHORTS! I don't wear shorts out because I know that I have skinny legs and this is something that people will keep telling me. But since its summer, I think it's the best time for me to try out shorts especially it's so comfortable wearing Gap shorts. 

So I realize that shorts are actually quite an essential during summer, and here are a few looks on how we can style our daily outfit with a simple denim shorts. 

To look young and fresh, I opted for a dark blue sweater for my top pairing it with a denim collar inside to create the young "school boy" look. LOL... Choosing a more dull and consistent colour scheme for the whole outfit, a bright blue socks would create a more fun and memorable statement for the whole look.

Sweater from High Cultured
Denim Collar Shirt from Gap
Shorts from Gap

Now let's go for the second outfit. I always loved denim with denim and I think that these two combinations is the best and definitely something that will not go wrong.  So minimalistic has become a trend recently not just in fashion but also photography. I think it's time where people are starting to realize the word less is more. So wearing a piece of simple yet versatile denim shirt on top, pairing with my comfortable denim shorts creates the whole outfit. Not too overwhelming, but also not losing it style, denim always works for me. 

Denim Shirt from Gap
Shorts from Gap
Bowler Hat from H&M

So for the third outfit, it gives me a very soothing and relaxing feeling with the ocean and sky blue combination on the shirt. Colour combination is very important in expressing a feeling, and these colours, blue and white is the perfect match in creating the summer relaxing feel. Floral prints are also the perfect choice to emit summertime happiness (not sadness ok) LOL... and creating a more layering visual wearing it inside. When it's too hot, just take off the shirt and tie it on the waist, and pairing it with a boots will make the whole outfit more street style.

So go grab a pair of shorts this summer and play it around with different looks. I'm so glad that Gap gave me this opportunity to try something new and I must say it was definitely worth going for it!

Stripes Shirt from Gap
Floral T-shirt from H&M
Shorts from Gap
Cap from Huf

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