Sunday, August 24, 2014


How bad will you go to have a cup of good coffee? You do not have to be bad to be in Bad Cafe, but don't be that bad to not order a coffee here, because you won't want to regret it! I think it's no more a secret that I love hunting down cafes, and recently it has been a good place for me to work and even blog.

A small cafe hidden at Sri Hartamas, and I must say having a special name for your cafe is really important. When I first found out of Bad Cafe, the name itself creates curiosity. Without surprise, it's quite of a "badass" cafe with metal steel floor, brick walls, wooden furniture and creative interior.

The coffee was acceptable with light scent of aroma, and this place does serve some food too. Their choices is not that much for main course, but a place to sit in and chill or to work is fine because the environment is quiet without that much crowd.

Its prison break day for me wearing this stripes top. I would do anything for coffee! Hahahha... Since it was a day for coffee and relaxation, I find going black and white is still my best option. I love how cute my top is, it's like Mickey being behind bars and wearing a sweatpants with big word prints just make it look comfortable and striking! I find wearing oversize clothes nowadays has become a trend and I will take it as a good trend because it is so much comfortable wearing it. So more oversize for me! LOL...

Cap from HUF
Top from mens_wardrobe 
Pants from mens_wardrobe 
Shades from Ellui

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