Friday, July 11, 2014


Finally a short break after today's paper because my next exam will be after a week. It's kinda good that I will have more time to study for that subject, but also kinda torturing because there is still one more week until my official holiday. LOL... But nevertheless, it's a good thing because I have time to update my blog. :)

So I can say that my life is quite busy and boring recently, because there is nothing much happening and I'm just so busy with final assignments for the past few weeks and also studying for exam. So being all nerdy, I will just have to post these old sets of pictures because nerdy did not went out to take any new OOTD pictures. Hahaha... But I do like the matching colours of my hair and the jacket, I think I have started to miss bright hair colour. It will be just so easy for my look to not be so boring even I wear full black, because my hair will still get the attention. Just like this outfit, choosing dull colour scheme from head to toe, but with a bright green jacket, it made the whole look so energetic and casual.

Hoping that there will be more plans for my coming holiday and I could really work something out. There are actually a few things that I'm discussing and planning, but I will only tell you guys when it's confirm ok? So hopefully everything turns out well. If anyone that is interested to work with me for any collaboration or shoots, do find me cause I don't wanna just rot at home during my holiday. Hahahha...

Jacket from Puma
T-shirt from H&M

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