Sunday, July 27, 2014

Say My Name

Say my name, say my name. LOL... This is one of my favorite Destiny Child songs back then. This totally has nothing to do with my outfit just that my cap reminds me of my childhood song. wtf. So finally on holiday now, I am actually quite bored staying at home this few weeks but luckily there is still some cafe hunting in my schedule. But what I am more looking forward to is my Taiwan trip next week! I just can't wait to visit Taiwan and shop till I drop there. Hahhaa... I know that there are many fashion shops and streets in Taiwan and also their night market is super awesome with all the food. I have been planning for months and finally it's time for me to enjoy and relax. 

So before getting all crazy on my trip, I will just talk about this outfit first. Hahhaa.. I will definitely blog about my trip when I'm back but please pardon me for being away for a week. Summer time and summer heat is really something that is so relevant to my country. So wearing something simple and light is always the best choice when you want to walk out.

 Sometimes I admit that I'm quite lazy even it's only tying my shoelace. Hahaa... So I found this Puma Disc collection sneaker that is really awesome and something that I wanted for so long. The purple vivid colour and lace-less sneakers is just so comfortable for daily outfit. You won't have any problem of shoelace falling off anymore, and it adds on a casual and sporty feel overall. No more tying shoelace when I'm going out, just slip on and I'm ready.

Cap from mens_wardrobe
Singlet from mens_wardrobe
Pants from H&M
Sneakers from Puma

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