Sunday, July 13, 2014


Browsing through my pictures and here I found some old outfit post that I have not published yet. LOL... Yes, I do always have a lot of hidden pictures in my computer that I do not even remember having it. Hahaha.. So looking at my hair colour, I guess it's somewhere 3 months ago? Having this bright hair was just like yesterday, this is how pictures always make me nostalgic. Even its only 3 months back! Hello, it's not like 3 years or 30 years ago. WTF! 

But looking back at my old pictures, I guess that my style did change compared to last time. I sometimes like wearing t-shirt out, paired with a simple skinny jeans and that's all I need. I tend to go for minimalistic style, stay with simple accessories but maybe I still love crazy hair colours. Hahahaa... Although there are still times that I will accessorize more, but wearing simple has become quite essential to me now on my daily life. I will just see what will my next style be, maybe from street style to a more dapper style? I think not so soon, but maybe when I am older. LOL

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