Sunday, July 20, 2014


Don't come near me because I can kill you in a blink of an eye. Hahaha! I really feel that this outfit is some kind of movie outfit, and I will name the movie "Dark Traveler". I am that killer with superpower where I could teleport and kill people within second. No one knows how I look like but the last thing they see before dying is only my cape. LOL... Ok, I think I should stop my dark side imagination here before it goes too far. Watching too much movie makes me have too much crazy imagination, but I think it's good at least there is still some creativity in me. wtf

I bet if I am really a killer I will choose this outfit. Hahaha... It's just so cool to be in black and white, walking with a long length cape, paired with a killer boots and of course I must give you the death stare. I think if there is the support of wind on that day blowing my cape, it will definitely look better but too bad I have to just swing it myself. Hahaha.. Maybe next time I should stand in front of a fan?

Shirt from mens_wardrobe
Long Cape from H&M
Pants from H&M
Boots from Dr.Martens

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