Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I'm not sure how many of you is excited about World Cup 2014, and although I'm not a football person but this massive event is one thing that I'm very anticipated to. Just one more week till June 12th, I bet all the mamak will be super pack with people supporting their favourite team. I don't really watch football that often, but when it comes to World Cup it is just something that we must watch. LOL... I still remember when I was younger, I will watch World Cup with my dad till late night and we will even bet on which team will win. Obviously no money was involve in our bet, because if I lose the bet I will have to give my dad free massage. Hahahha... 

Introducing Puma Brasil Lifestyle collection, an inspired collection from the street to culture in conjunction with this year World Cup which will be happening at Brazil. The German sportswear behemoth has unveiled this casual colorway of the Brazil Football Vintage silhouette, paying homage to the host country with a green and yellow color scheme. Together with their Brasil 70 Windbreaker and Grip Bag, it is such a perfect collection that brings old vintage design back to life but also bringing in new creativity in enhancing this year Brazil World Cup spirit! 

Since it's the World Cup season, I think it is more than suitable to be in your favourite sports attire outfit especially when it gives you so much comfort wearing it. Why not use this opportunity to embrace the fashion sides of sports wear, making it the next trend, the next iconic element in street fashion. I really like Puma having this ombre green-yellow-blue windbreaker, making the whole outfit being so vivid and energetic, and also making the end colour of the windbreaker matching perfectly with my blue classic Puma suede. Let's all celebrate the arrival of World Cup, celebrate the creativity of sports trend, and help boost all mamak's sales starting next week! Hahahaha...  

All from Puma
Pants from H&M

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