Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mr.Brian See's 21st Birthday Party @ The Curious Goat

Woohoo!! I'm a big boy now because I have finally turned 21 last week! Whenever I tell anyone that I'm only 21 years old, most of them will not believe. Many people thinks that I look 23 or 24!! T.T OMG!! Do I look that old? I still remember that I always have a baby face when I was younger, and even when I'm form 5, I still look like 14 or 15 years old. That time I feel so wtf!!I wanna look more mature. I think I should not have wish that because when I started my uni life, I changed a lot, a lot more mature. Hahahha... So back to my topic, since turning 21 is such an important milestone in our life, I decided to organize a birthday party for myself.

I was looking for a suitable venue for my party, and while I was researching high and low and I found this cafe. It made me so curious to visit that place, and I did. The Curious Goat is a cafe located at Damansara Perdana, and the interior is just simple and nice, spacious venue just suitable for my party. They also provided their chicken and meatball pasta, cupcakes and many other more finger food for my party! 

So the theme for my party is monochrome, which if you do realize on my invitation card that I posted on my social media for the giveaway contest. I actually planned for a more fun and exciting theme, which is hologram/metallic. But after proposing to my friends, most of them is like "aiyorr, what's that?", "so hard la, cannot find clothes", "wah!! sure a lot people won't follow theme de!" HAHAHAHA... So after considering on all the feedback, I was like fu*k it la! Then just make it monochrome, everyone sure got black and white clothes de. LOL... I'm wearing this glamorous shiny blazer from Dstreet.

Look at all the Puma door gifts. A big thank you to Puma for sponsoring so many door gifts, all of my guest can just walk home happily with awesome Puma goodies! :)

So the party started around 8 something and being a host for the first time actually made me quite nervous. I was so scared that no one will turn up, and I will just sit in an empty cafe, and at last eating all the food by MYSELF! HAHAHAHA.... I think I watched too many movies, being really dramatic recently. But luckily, I'm very grateful for everyone that attended my party, because of them it made my 21st birthday much more memorable!

 My superstar best friend, Spellman Choy!

 Darling sis, Povy Teng! To Lumi: You should be standing here too, but... tsk tsk. LOL

 The very very pretty Denise Camillia. She is the champion of 2012 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant.

 YouTube superstar, Ming Han from TheMingThing. Always producing so many funny videos. Making me laugh like a crazy guy middle of the night. LOL

 Another YouTube superstar Dan Khoo (left) and comic book author Ernest Ng!

Mr.OOTD, Joe 曾耀祖 and Mia :) Remember to check out Joe's new song #OOTD in YouTube, and you will catch me appearing for 2 seconds. XD

So you know how much I love taking pictures and I do really think that taking pictures is the best way to entertain and dismiss boredom. Thanks to Wow Photobooth for being at my party, everyone is just so active and crazy taking loads of pictures. The best thing is, you could even get a hardcopy on the spot! It's not like the past where you need to send the film to a camera shop and wash it out, now with the innovation of technology, you could just snap a picture and the next second, your hardcopy is out. Wow Photobooth also provide props for you to make your picture much more interesting, and I would also say that they do really provide the best photobooth pictures. Don't believe? See it yourself. 

 All the props that we can use and pose! Taking pictures have not been this fun!

 All my awesome bff! And look at the third picture, we can even fit all 10 of us into the frame! Wowsome! 

 I would say that this bunch of people here are crazy drama king/queen and awesome poser! We were just born to pose this awesome! Hahahha...

This sexy bunny designer that just debuted her first collection at KLFW, Kittie Yiyi. How can I even pose normally beside her? I can't! LOL

So now tell me, how can a party have no booze? Obviously this won't happen at my party because everyone is enjoying chill Tiger and Tiger Radler beer all night long! Thanks to Tiger Malaysia for providing me with sufficient supply of beer, everyone of us could literally just drink as much as we want, drink till we drop! Hahha..

And lastly, of course it's the moment that we have all been waiting birthday cake! Having an awesome cake during a birthday is very important especially when it's your 21st birthday! 

So what do you think of my birthday cake? How would you describe it? I am still very impress with the creation of this cake from Celicakes. It is exactly what I wanted and I am really very satisfied with the outcome. I actually just briefly told them on how I want it to look like through email message, and they just understand what I expected and drafted it out for me. I was actually quite unsure if they could really make it exactly like how they drafted, but when I saw the outcome, no doubt this is the best birthday cake that I have in my life!

It was an awesome night and a memorable 21st birthday filled with fun and laughter! Thanks everyone for coming and I do really appreciate every gift and wishes from you guys! Not to forget all the sponsors that supported me in making this party such a success!!

All pictures credit to Linda Soon aka. Rottensun

Big Thank you to all sponsors,
Venue Sponsor: The Curious Goat
Door Gift Sponsor: Puma
Alcohol Sponsor: Tiger Beer
Photobooth Sponsor: Wow Photobooth
Cake Sponsor: Celicakes

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  1. Mr. Brian See's 21st Birthday Party was awesome. That cake is my favorite part of this bash. Have never seen such a beautiful cake. The theme of it is truly gorgeous. Will surely get such a cake for my husband’s birthday bash that I am planning to host at one of the event locations in LA.


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