Monday, June 23, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 #KLFW2014

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time because the past 2 weeks has really been very busy busy for me. I have been so busy in organizing my university charity fun run event and also my own 21st birthday party! If you do stalk my social media, you will know that I just turned 21 yesterday. I will blog about my birthday party real soon, but for now let me blog about an annual event that is highly anticipated by all fashion lovers which is Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014!! It's a 5 days event from 18th June 2014 till 22nd June 2014 which happened at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, a platform for local designers to exhibit their latest collection.

Due to my tight schedule, I was only able to attend the first day of KLFW :( BUT... day 1 featured both of my favourite designers, Joe Chia and Kittie Yiyi. I would say that Joe's collection has always caught my attention, and having this opportunity this year to sit in and enjoy the show is something that I could not ask for more. So while waiting for the show to start, of course it's pictures time!

 Hello Lumi and you're tip toe-ing! But too bad, I don't think it helps. Hahhaha...

 Finally met one of my favourite blondie model, Amanda :)

 Say hello to my "twin" sister, Sheena Liam (and also Asia Next Top Model Winner)! Hahhaa.. When I have blonde hair, many people were saying that we look alike. Since I'm no more blonde now, do we still look alike? The first thing she asked me was where is my blonde hair? I think my next colour will be blonde? :X

 Beautiful sisters, Ash and Jane. 

 With Maggi Mah, always making everyone looks perfect with her awesome make-up skills

 Yoyo Juztin Lan! It was great seeing you!

 Cherrie from DuoGigs! I'm trying to have her fierce look, but seems that I kinda fail. LOL...

Bobo and Audrey! I always feel like a giant standing beside Audrey. When 6ft meets 4ft 9'. LOL...

How can I not love Joe Chia's collection? He could always find a way to make black so interesting and "colourful"! Looking at his piece on the runway will never get me bored because from the statement headpiece, oversize cutting, monochrome scheme and fabric is just bringing noir fashion into another level. 

Another designer that you should not missed is Kittie Yiyi! It's her first debut at KLFW and I could say that she had made a loud and memorable appearance for everyone. Her collection is just like her personality, so bubbly, joyous and lively! Looking at her designs could really make you smile and feel happy, so can you imagine how will you feel if you are wearing them? Hahahha... The collection involved statement prints, colours combination, different kind of silhouettes making each piece a bold statement of individual pieces. I personally really love the bee trench coat, so cute and lively! 

So after looking at all the handsome and beautiful models, it's time now for you to look at my outfit too! Hahhaha...

I purposely chose a monochrome top to match Joe Chia's show but a more lively and colourful pants which I know would be relevant with Kitti Yiyi's collection. The netting jacket is something that looks casual but at the same time so edgy. It is such a perfect combination with my white singlet inside, covering some skin but showing some too. Hahhahaa... So I think guy clothes is trying to be sexy too huh now? XD Making the whole look more lively, bird prints pants would definitely work it, not forgetting my metallic snake skin clutch which is already an attention stealer!

Netting Jacket from mens_wardrobe
Peace Singlet from mens_wardrobe

Runway pictures credit: Facepics Studio

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