Sunday, June 29, 2014


Do you still remember during our primary or secondary time, our teacher will always teach us to support local products, support barang buatan Malaysia. This definitely did change my mindset because I do believe that we have to support our own local product because if we as a Malaysian does not support our own product, who will? Of course I understand that some local product is really very OMG, but if our local product is good and cheap, why not choose and support our own stuff? 

So growing up now, I think that this theory does apply to the fashion industry too. After attending KLFW 2014 last week, I realize that there are so many talented Malaysian fashion designers that create amazing collections and clothes. Their design and creativity is something that should be seen worldwide, and I believe that there will be more Malaysian designers heading towards the international path and will shine bright. A few good examples of Malaysian fashion designers that became successful internationally are Jimmy Choo, Bernard Chandran, Farah Khan, Dexter Wong, Melinda Looi and many more.

Malaysia next shining fashion designer, Joe Chia is one of my favourite local designer. If you have read my previous post about his collection at KLFW, you will definitely know how edgy and interesting his designs and cutting are. Supporting local designer, what I'm wearing is actually Joe Chia's 02 signature sweater. Having such a simple black and white colour which is his signature scheme in all collection, what I like is that it's such an easy to wear piece, finishing with symbolic vertical lines that represent Joe Chia's new line, JoeChia02.

Sweater from Joe Chia
Pants from Topman
Checks Shirt from Zara
Shoe from Puma
Beanie from mens_wardrobe

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