Sunday, June 1, 2014


June is here and it's my favourite month because it's my birthday month! LOL...Turning 21 this year makes me feel that time is really passing by real quick, and it's time to really think for my future. But first, let me think on how am I gonna celebrate my 21st birthday first. Hahhaa... I think at least a small celebration with friends will do :) So I realize that it has been quite a while since I blog about an outfit post, and finally here is a new outfit post. Something not so typical than the others. 

The unconventional cutting makes this piece special, it reminds me on some K-Pop MV. It's like those outfit that a Korean artist will wear, and I am always so envious on their outfit. I like the V-shape cutting but it's not like those on women's gown which is on top, but my V-shape cutting is below, pointing towards...the floor. LOL... To make the whole look more mysterious, did you realize the peek-a-boo b/w checks inside? Something that creates layering and also a little sense of mystery?

Top from 黑街
Leather Pants from Y 男女潮流服饰店 Y

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