Saturday, May 3, 2014


 I realize owning a pair of good shoe is very important, because walking on something that makes you comfortable the whole day makes you happy too! :) I am not really a sports person, but recently I have been hitting the gym to be physically and mentally healthier and that's why I started to look for a pair of shoe that could be so versatile whenever I'm doing my exercise or even just walking on the street. Going to the gym at Celebrity Fitness really makes me feels so much better because sweating and exercising is a very good way to stay healthy and positive. The equipment is just so sufficient and easy to use, there are also yoga and Zumba classes, which are very good activities as a healthy workout. I'm also quite a newbie in working out, so I'm also glad to have Celebrity Fitness personal trainer to guide and train me in working out the correct way. They are very professional and the way they train really makes me feel the result.

So I think I'm suddenly talking too much on my gym experience, and hopefully I can have Captain America's body soon? Hahahaha!! #sleepearlydreamearly So back to this outfit, it's quite hard to find a pair that suits every outfit, but finally I found this Puma running shoe that's not just suitable for running but also for my daily outfit. Having a pair of running shoe does not mean it has to be just for running, this light weight shoe is very comfortable to wear and also very versatile for a street look. I could literally just pair any outfit with this shoe, and it will just gives me a very sporty street outfit look . So this shoe has been my daily essential, and I think you will see me wearing this shoe very often in most of my outfits. LOL...

Pants from H&M
Running Shoe from PUMA

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