Friday, May 30, 2014


It was a busy busy week for me, with loads of assignments due. Sorry for neglecting this space, I was so busy that I even forgotten that I have a blog. LOL... So finally a little time now, it's time for me to write about the awesome party that I attended a few weeks ago at Penang.

The first H-Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing, rocked Penang recently, and treated more than 2000 Penangites to a spectacular mix of stellar acts from across the globe, resulting in an epic super-clubbing experience like never before. Arriving at Penang as the first H-Artistry for this year, the stage at SPICE Arena featured with artists from the East and West; Australia, Taiwan, and Malaysia who took over Penang with an eclectic mix of pop, EDM, and electro house beats. 

With the theme impress in red, the venue was decked out in elegant and chic hues of red and black, the H-Artistry Art of Mixing Zone was where the evening kicked off at 7.00pm, as party goers were treated to stunning performances by the H-Artistry dancers, accompanied by pumping lounge beats - as more party revellers made their way to the biggest party of the year in Penang. 

The first act of the night was Paperplane Pursuit who serenaded the crowd with their hits such as “Everybody Wants Somebody” and “Higher”. With excitement running high, the H-Project DJ’s continued to deliver an epic fist-pumping set, resulting in fist-pumping movements and screams of excitement from the crowd. The atmosphere of the room went through the roof as Taiwan’s EDM/mandopop band, Magic Power took over the stage, delivering a multi-genre musical journey like no other. As the cheers grew louder, the Australian queen of big room beats, DJ Brooklyn took over the deck and made her presence obvious as she dropped beats and tunes that got the whole arena pumping. With energies soaring across the roof, the crowd gave a warm Malaysian welcome to the electro house trio, Imma*Bleep*Youup – and their warm welcome was well received as the trio responded with waves of EDM drops, accompanied by stunning laser projections.

I had super much fun and it was truly a night of musical artistry, paired with a sensational experience befitting of an epic first H-Artistry series of epic super-clubbing parties for 2014.

Stay tuned for updates on future H-Artistry events slated for 2014.  

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