Friday, May 16, 2014


It was Povy Teng's 22nd birthday last month, and the theme of her birthday party was color pop which I think that it was a theme that was made for me because of my colorful hair. Hahaha... The venue of the party was at container hotel, which is an eco-friendly hotel that emphasizes on going green, sustainability and promoting art designs. Their rooms is actually like a container where it is very convenient and comfortable. Of course there is also a very big space of free area for us to move around during the party.  

What is better than taking photos during a party? The best part is that you could have a copy on the spot! Whenever attending any event, I'm always glad that Wow Photobooth is there because they always have the best photo booth pictures snapped and printed out for you.They are at many major events because they do rent photo booths for wedding events, cooperate events, branding, parties and etc!  

 Birthday girl, Povy Teng with her birthday cake

When I first saw this cake, I was like wow! It was such a lively cake by Twenty First Qi Pastries and I have never seen something like this before. It was so creative having this design and I bet a lot of hard work and patience too. LOL...I found it very cute but at the same time it is edible, which makes this cake worthy. It's made up by macaroons as the "balloons", chocolate cake and also cup cakes. 

  Since the theme was color pop, I was actually not having any problem in choosing my outfit because even I'm wearing black or white, there will still be a color pop on my hair. Hahahha... It's actually sometimes great to have colorful hair because there is surely days where I would just go all black on my outfit, but my hair color will just balance out the dark side of me. LOL... So for this outfit, I opted for a white mesh outer layer with snake skin print sleeve but wearing a very colorful sweater inside which creates a very good color pop contrast.

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