Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Who would ever thought that a windbreaker could be a fashion piece on runway stage? It was not surprising that sporty trend and athletic vibe is all over the catwalks, tracksuits and sporty outfit has been part of this contemporary scene and is dominating your wardrobe as a fashion statement. I do really like how sportswear and street style which was from two different world, but now colliding as an overall style. 

This is how special and innovative the fashion world is evolving, making something once only for athletic but now a must-have piece for street style star and fashion blogger like me! So it's not an issue now to look sporty but at the same time looking fashionable too. Sporty outfit also have that relaxing and laid back feel, that you will just feel so comfortable moving around the city or just sitting back having a cup of coffee at a cafe.

Windbreaker from PUMA
T-Shirt from Search Collection

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