Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This background of my pictures remind me of Seoul Fashion Week because most of the street snap has a very similar background with this. I could only imagine that I am in Seoul with the background. Hahhaha... I am really envious on how Korean model could just wear anything and look so fashionable effortlessly. It's like anything on them turns out good, and anything that I wanna wear I have to think and mix and match for a few hours at home only I could walk out. UNFAIR!! LOL...

It's really annoying that Malaysia is facing water rationing issue, and what can be worst when you don't even have water to shower? I suddenly realize on how important water is in my life, and I could really go crazy when there is no water to shower. T.T Since there is only limited water supply, the amount of water is only enough for me to wash my body but not my hair. So the only solution is to wear a beanie out everyday so I do not need to wax my hair. Luckily I'm a member at Celebrity Fitness, so whenever I really need to take a shower and there is no water supply at my house, I will just go to the gym and shower. I bet many other people is doing the same because the toilet is packed but the work out area is quite empty. So everyone is just going to the gym to shower huh? Hahahaha....

Looking at top street styles, it is non other than a pair of denim, but ripped! Rip denim has been a trend lately all across, and the bigger the rips the better! LOL... Rugged looking, roll ups and big rip jeans is what you need in your wardrobe now. Maybe just dig out a few of your old jeans, rip it like a ripper, and you will see how this season makes imperfection beautiful.

Varsity Jacket from Y 男女潮流服饰店 Y
Ripped Jeans from Topman

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