Wednesday, April 16, 2014


There is many definition for a fashion blogger, and each person will have a different perspective on this term. It is really not easy to be a fashion blogger, because the expectation of public will be hoping to see you write something that is special, wear and style outfit that is extraordinary and also expect you to always take outfit pictures that's always breathtaking. Being a fashion blogger myself, this is really not an easy task. 

I won't say that I am doing very well as a fashion blogger, because I am still learning along the way and through every journey I'm always looking for new inspiration. I don't admit that I know everything in the fashion industry, but I really hope to use my blog to at least inspire someone out there with my very own mix and match style. So for this outfit, it may seems a little rebellious but isn't that what a fashion blogger have to be sometimes? LOL... Tweed blazer has always been a classic for men's outfit, so although formal wear is not really my type, this tweed blazer totally changed my mind. 

In consideration with the hot weather, it's quite torturing to wear a tweed blazer and to pose under the sun. So wearing a blazer over the shoulder is a style that I personally like a lot but it may seem a little rebellious on how we usually wear a blazer. I get many questions like isn't it too troublesome to hang it on the shoulder? Doesn't the blazer falls off your shoulder? Why don't you just put your hands in the sleeve? Hahahahaha.... All these questions actually did made me laugh, but come to think of it, why question a fashion blogger? So to answer all these questions, I decided to walk out with this style is because I wanted to have a different look with blazer, you won't feel that hot compared to wearing a blazer that is wrapping you and NO! the blazer won't fall off that easily as long as you stand straight, because your shoulder will support the blazer just like a hanger. In another way, I think it's very good at least it make sure that I am not hunching. LOL... So remember, stand straight chest up and you are a "hanger" Hahaha...

Shirt from 黑街
Pants from Zara

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