Friday, April 11, 2014


If someone tells you that you can't make it, prove them wrong! I think during day time my mind is always so busy on other stuff so when I'm updating my blog now during midnight, this is where my mind starts thinking on random shit. LOL! I know how it feels when people tend to discourage or condemn on what you want to do, but since no matter what you do there is sure someone who is hating on you, then why not just do what you like most? We always like to stay in our comfort zone and this apply to me too, but I started to realize that we should start challenging our limits and explore new things that is out of our comfort line. 

So talking about comfort zone, this outfit is somewhere in my comfort zone but also somewhere out of my comfort zone. Hahaha... It sounds quite stupid on what I'm saying, because reading it again I think it's quite hilarious too but it's true! LOL... Thanks to all year summer weather here in Malaysia, I really love wearing singlet because it's just so comfortable and feeling so light weight . But on the other hand, wearing singlet is not really in my comfort zone because people will just always comment on how skinny I am and I should eat more! Seriously, if you have seen me eat, I eat like a pig! No joke! It's just that I have very high metabolism rate and it's in my genes! I'm already trying hard to gain weight, so thanks for all of the concerns. Fashion is for all sizes, we should not have that typical mindset that only muscular and tall people could wear nice clothes. Not everyone is born with a model figure (maybe no one), so skinny fashion is my style! We should embrace our own inner beauty, think out of the box, do something out of line, and from there you will find your own style and personality! :) 

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