Friday, April 25, 2014


It was one random day while me and my friends were having cendol in a mall, and suddenly one of my friend suggested that Malacca have better cendol. So we decided to have a one day trip down to Malacca just for cendol. LOL... It was on a very sunny and hot Saturday morning, and we reached Malacca around lunch time. I wanted to try the chicken rice ball because I see everyone having it when they are here, but the queue was fuc*ing INSANE!! There were so many people and they are willingly to queue under the hot sun just for that chicken rice??!! Better luck next time Brian, because I ain't gonna queue under that weather just for chicken rice! Hahahahha... So we went to Jonker 88 to have lunch, and no difference, the queue was crazy too but at least we queue inside the shop, so no hot hot sun!

The queue was long, there was no seats, it was hot and I was damn hungry! So I did not have the time and mood to snap all the food pictures, and also because my cendol has already melted when I finally found a place to seat. So frankly speaking, I do think that this place is kinda overrated like how my Malaccan friend told me because the food is really ok ok only. But the durian cendol at 三叔公 is not bad la, because it has quite strong durian taste and very sweet gula melaka. I like durian! YUMM!! :)

So being a tourist around Malacca, I went to A Famosa, Christ Church and of course Jonker street to eat! I somehow love historical building and architecture which has details of history or maybe just a feeling that I'm away from the modern city. 

Taking my outfit pictures in front of the Christ Church really enhance the ambiance of my pictures. It was quite a wrong choice to wear the leather vest because I did not expect the weather to be even hotter than KL, so the vest was like absorbing the heat and I was literally sweating and melting inside. LOL... So although I look cool in the pictures, but I was actually suffering from the hot sun and asking my friend to snap faster. Hahahhaa... I can't even open my eyes and I don't want to have red bean eyes (small eyes), so luckily there is my shades to the rescue!! Yayy!!wtf XD 

What I like most on this outfit is the venetian mask print on my tee and of course my new Puma Takumi 2014 collection sneakers!! You may not see what so special about this shoe, but wait till I let you have a closer look! 

As part of Puma exclusive 'Made in Japan' program, this collection is different from the iconic suede silhouettes because this shoe is boast with luxurious pony hair and full-grain horse leather uppers that are crafted using traditional Japanese techniques.Like where can you find leather and pony hair on other kicks?

 Venetian Mask Tee from Search Collection
Leather Vest from H&M
Jeans from H&M
Shoe from PUMA

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