Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have been so busy for this whole week because I was rushing for my internship report, finally finished my 80 pages report and I am so relieve. Although internship is over, but I guess that I have been mentioning it in each of my blog post recently. My life has been really busy since I started my degree, and finally it's my final year and I hope that everything will gonna be smooth. During my internship period there is so many workload for me, and now after my internship there is still many assignments and reports that is waiting for me. OMG!! I really need a holiday, I just want to relax. :(

Please forgive me for having such a vulgar title for this post, but I guess it's another late night thought that is running in my head and I just need to rant it out. I am actually feeling really lost in direction now because after experiencing the real working life, I realize that this course that I'm taking may not be a future job option that I would want to pursue in. There is just less than a year from now till I graduate, and yet I'm still very lost on what I want to do after that. I know that I have blog about this before here, but seriously I have to do something or figure out something before I graduate. I have actually a great interest in PR when I first started degree, and even when I'm attending classes I still think that it's an interesting subject . But what I can tell you guys is, an interesting subject may not be an interesting job.

I am actually glad that I decided to do my internship before I finish my last semester, because this internship period really made me experience and learn a lot about the industry and it also makes me appreciate student life more for now. Entering the real working world also let me realized that people around you that's treating you good or does compliment you may be a bitch behind that smile. It's really hard to believe on someone that really treats you as a friend, because they may be back stabbing you behind. If you dislike me or have any comments on my work, just tell it on my face but don't be a hypocrite asshole in smiling and complimenting me in front but at last complaining and back stabbing me behind when you know that what you are bitching about me could affect my studies or even my future!!! I will just take it as a lesson in life, and always know that hypocrite is everywhere! 

So let me just turn my back and slam the door, pushing all this negativity behind me and walk towards a better self. I will put more effort in blogging and also planning to do something to thank all of you, but first I still need all of your continuous support towards me and I sincerely appreciate it a lot Lot LOt LOT! Hahahhaa... Since I'm so busy recently, this is another throwback outfit post that I took last month. LOL...

This denim jacket really rock the whole outfit making it so rugged looking, with the ripped sleeves and also the big cross design behind that has many safety pin on it. LOL... It is really creative to used something so simple, but to create it into such an interesting element. 

 Black Mesh Top from Topman
Denim Jacket from 黑街
Jeans from H&M
Black Boots from 黑街
 Accessories from 黑街

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