Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's not time to talk about sandwiches, so mustard is not really what I wanna focus on now. Haha... Although I'm quite hungry now in the middle of the night, so I should stop thinking of food. LOL! But this mustard yellow knitted sweater is something to die for, even it's bloody hot here in Malaysia. *I can die for fashion*!!! So guess when did I wore this outfit? The answer is.... during the first day of CNY!! OMG!! I know you guys sure feeling damn wtf that I'm only talking bout my CNY outfit now, but seriously I have not enough time to blog about it. So better late than nothing right? hehe :X

Before I start, I will really need to credit my lil brother for taking all these outfit pictures for me. It's his first time, so do pardon on all the inconsistent angles but I would say it's quite a good job for a first timer. Hahaha... So I know many people will go for the typical red colour on the first day of CNY, but for me I'm not that typical. LOL... I opted for this mustard yellow sweater (which is also a lucky colour, because it's "ong") and paired it with my three quarter loose pants. Loose pants has been a trend recently, but I like it because it's way more comfortable compare with a skinny jeans. Obviously! LOL... I do have something red too, which is my shoe. So perhaps typical is still in me huh! LOL

 Yellow Mustard Sweater from 黑街
Socks from 黑街

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