Saturday, March 22, 2014


I don't know how did you find this post or you click in because the title is weird, but this is really a post that is so different compared to my other post. Usually being on the internet, I know the risk of cyber bullying or even identity theft. I have also blogged about this issue before in my previous blog post, but it's not something that I will rant or complain about on my blog. Since everyone is using the internet, of course there will be pro and cons.

But just yesterday I found out from one of my followers that there is a shop that is selling a top that has my picture printed on it! I was actually quite shock and surprise that something like this happen because it's not like that picture is very nice, and if really wanna steal my picture please choose a nicer pic la! OMG!! I do not know which shop it is, and where is the manufacture, but I think it's so wrong to steal someone's pic on the net, regardless if you know him or her, and use it for your own profit! 

This is the picture that my follower sent to me, and seriously I was like wtf??!! It will be damn weird right if one day you are walking on the street and you find out someone is wearing your face on their body! OMG! I know that using my picture without my permission is a violation of copyright, but what can I do? I posted this picture on my FB page and Instagram, and some people commented that I should be happy and proud that my face is on a top? What are they thinking? I should be happy that someone is using my picture to earn a profit, and the owner of the picture which is ME is getting nothing??!! This does not make sense! Some said that I'm so popular that they are even selling clothes that have my face on it. I don't think it has anything to do with popularity because anyone of us could be a victim on such case.

So guys, if you see this selling anywhere, PLEASE DON'T BUY! If there is really people that is willing to buy, I rather me myself printing it and selling and not letting those bastards that stole my pic to earn a cent from it!! I'm not saying that they will be earning a lot, but event it's one cent, they also should not be deserving it! -.-

So guys, what do you think if something like this happen to you? Will you be happy and feel that you are so famous that's why people will print your face on a shirt, or will you feel the same like me? Feeling angry and piss that people is stealing your pictures without your concern and earning a profit from it? 

"So tell me, how would you feel and what would you do?..."

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