Friday, March 7, 2014


This was taken back during CNY when I was having high fever, but yet still climbing out of bed for house visiting! Since I'm not in a good condition that day and my eyes feels so tired, shades is always a good thing to help me cover all my flaws! It covers my tired eyes in front of the camera and also helping me look cool. Actually I'm closing my eyes when I was taking all these pictures! Hahahhaa... 

When I mention about king of jungle, lion king is what I can think of. It's such a classic animation movie, and also one of my favourite when I was a kid. It was also the highest grossing Disney movie until "Frozen" came along and surpass "The Lion King". LOL... But still, both of this movie is really a great production and I admit I like watching "Frozen" too! Let it go~~Let it go~~ This song is seriously such a hit worldwide, and it's in my mind everyday! 

So this lion print sweater with faux leather sleeves is really an eye catcher. To brighten my day up, this vivid neon yellow jacket on my waist created a great contrast and also enhance the overall dimension visually. Even though I'm sick, wearing great clothes brings me great mood! LOL... For now, I just can't wait for FMFA 2014 next week, and till then it's really time to be king of jungle! Who will be there? See ya! :)

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