Friday, March 14, 2014


Geometric details has been such a trend lately, not just on art but also on fashion. It always has an abstract feeling which makes things very modern. The golden geometric details on my top is what that caught my attention, because it has the futuristic and modern element in it. The shinny surface of the details also created a great reflection in front of the camera, showcasing what an attention seeker this top is! Hahahha.... Pairing it inside is a bright blue checks shirt that compliment perfectly with black, and I also matched it with my blue NB shoe.

As I mention in my previous post that I have become more and more lazy, styling my hair is also something that I'm lazy to do today! Hahhaa.. So I finally got a chance to wear my bowler hat out and I totally love how it enhance to whole outfit to be more artistic! Not saying that I am artistic, it's just that the hat made me "look" artistic! Hahahha.. I actually wanted to try those very big hat, but my head is just too small for big hats! Even this hat is quite big for me, so bigger hat will just cover my whole head. LOL... Seems like I wont get a chance to pull off those big hat style, unless my head grow bigger? Hahaha.. WTF!

Bowler hat from H&M
Geometric details top from 【MR.ALLEN 潮流服裝店】
Blue checks shirt from Zara
Black pants from H&M
Shoe from New Balance  

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