Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Woohoo!! Blogging at 2am now because I can! My internship has finally ended and I'm feeling all so free! I can finally have my freedom back and also having more time to blog! Although it was quite stressful and tiring during my internship period, but I really enjoy the experience in learning so many new things. There is no other way in understanding and gaining experiences other than going through it yourself.

The first thing I did after my internship was to dye my hair! If you check out my FB or Instagram, you will know what crazy colour I have dyed and I will blog bout it soon. So stay tuned ya! :) After 3 months of working life, it's back to student life tomorrow. If you guys also study at Taylor's, maybe you will bump into me so remember to wave and say hi! But if I do look ugly (which usually that's how I look in uni), just walk pass me and ignore me ok? Hahhaa... I'm actually quite lazy sometimes to dress up in uni, especially if there is 8am class! @.@ I will be like a zombie walking into class. LOL...

So how many of you guys went to FMFA 2014? And how many of you is as sad as I am when they announced third day is cancelled!! I was so looking forward to watch Pharrel Williams and Mackelmore perform live, and when I am all ready to head out, they announce that they cancel day 3!! Seriously WTF! Now blogging bout it I still makes me feel sad :( But at least I went for day 2 and Armin Van Bureen is damn awesome!

This is my second rave of my life, and I went with my crazy hyper sis Povy Teng! She is obviously so much more excited than me, because the day before the event, she has already prepared all her glowing stick, glowing tiara and also bubbles! We were blowing bubbles and raving at the same time! There was also a Ferris wheel at FMFA, and it was my first time seating a Ferris wheel. I'm actually quite afraid of heights, so sitting in it was an awesome experince because you could look at the view on top, but it was also quite scary because I'm afraid that I will just fall down and die there! LOL.. WTF! 

 All pictures is taken by my iPhone and I did not took many pictures on that day because I did not bring my camera, so I was thinking to only snap more pictures on the third day. But...haizz..Thanks to those people that took drugs, and because of them everything is cancel. I don't blame the organizer for what has happened, because I know that's the only way to reduce the damage and also the reputation of this event. But here is an advice from me to everyone of you that love to party and rave, drugs is something that we should NEVER EVER touch! Rave should be a place where all of us appreciate the music and get high because of the music, but not getting high because of drugs. Don't ever try drugs because you just want to get high or because your friends is taking it, unless you want to end up like the 6 person that died due to drug overdose during FMFA! So party hard, and party smart! 

With Carolyn and Karena. They had cat ears that day, trying to be sexy cat woman huh? Hahahhaa... 

It's time for my outfit of the day. LOL... I was burning in flame that day because *cue music* this boy is on fire~~ this boy is on fire~~ Hahahha... The flame on my t-shirt really made me look like I'm burning, and with the hot weather here I think I was literally burning hot! LOL... You would definitely be sweating like hell at a rave, so simple t-shirt is always the best choice and checks is always so suitable for outdoor event, I think because it makes the outfit looks more hipster-ish? Hahahha... Behind of the t-shirt says "Swag 90". So where is my other 10% of my swag? Mana??!! LOL

 T-shirt from Zara

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