Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Spent my weekend editing pictures and also updating my blog, seems like weekend is the only time for me to stay home and spend some bonding time with my blog. LOL... I'm so glad that there is just 2 more weeks, and my internship will officially end! It's not that I'm hating on my job or having a hard time, just that who love to work right?? Hahhaa... So obviously it's a valid reason for me to be happy, and I'm also glad that I have learned a lot during this internship period! :)

So maybe it's because of work, I realize that I have been quite lazy in dressing up. I always face this situation where I will just stare at my closet for 30 minutes and have no damn clue on what to wear! It's really torturing sometimes because you don't want to wear the same thing again and again, but you are lacking out of time. So for days like this, matchy matchy outfit is the best solution. Hahaha..You may think that wearing sweatpants out looks like you are ready to go to bed, but it has actually became a trend! I think that wearing sweatpants like this outfit paired with the matching top is very fashionable, especially when you are going out for a casual date or you just want to feel comfortable. This is actually my first time trying such sporty outfit, and I love how fashion and minimalistic could be together in my comfort zone.

This is really one of my favourtie outfit, being dull but comfortable. Pairing this whole outfit with my white high cut sneakers that also have matchy matchy horizontal details with my outfit.

Sweatpants and Top from 黑街
High cut sneakers from 黑街
Accessories from  黑街

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