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Alright guys, I know many of you reading my blog is still in school studying and some of you are already experiencing working life just like me. So for this post it's actually something that I would like to share to everyone. I don't really share tips and thoughts on my blog often, but when I do it's really something that I think it's important for all of us! The poster above caught my attention when I was browsing the web, I think it's because of the words (or maybe it's the banana? Hahaha) I suddenly realize how important it is to stay healthy with all the stress from assignments and work, from late night sleeping and also spending too much time in front of the computer! LOL...

So when I was in uni, I usually sleep really late sometimes because of assignments but this does not concern me a lot because I know that I could sleep in the class! *shhhh* But when I started working, I realize how important sufficient sleep is to our body, and how lack of sleep could results in many negative ways. This is where I realize that I should really care more for my health, and it's also one of my 2014 resolution to start a healthy lifestyle! 

So here are 8 tips that I would like to share for a healthier life.

1. Drink Enough Water

It is really important to have water in our body, and drinking enough water a day is very important to keep us hydrated. Drink at least 1.5-2litres water per day, and I will always drink at least a glass of water every morning when I wake up to clear my system.

2. Sleep Enough

As I mentioned just now, sleep is really important for our health too. How can we concentrate on our studies or work when we do not have the energy? So please have at least 8 hours of sleep per day. I know it's kinda hard for people like us, because we just like to stay up late and browse the internet or watch dramas till 3-4am. But try to minimize this bad habit and start sleeping earlier. I seriously have to finish this post ASAP so that I could jump to my bed and get 8 hours of sleep. LOL...

3. Healthy Food, Healthy Life 

I understand that all of us love snacks, and we could just munch anything when we are bored, when we are watching the TV or even when we are not hungry. LOL... We should consume more food like fruits, vegetable, meat that are rich in protein, vitamin and minerals.

4. Have Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we should not skip it! So don't be a lazy bum, just get up a little earlier, spend 10-15mins and you could prepare a healthy breakfast.

5. Exercise 

Yes, we have to move it move it! If you do follow my Instagram, you will probably know that I have sign up for gym session at Celebrity Fitness. I like this place because it has an outlet near my house, and also a good environment to exercise. People always have the misconception that going to the gym is to build muscle, but actually it's a good place to exercise and just sweat it out! There is so many advantages in physical activities, and it's the best way to build your muscle and also your stamina. I also did engage with a personal trainer from Celebrity Fitness. They provide and help me to not only train my muscle but they also have some cardio exercise session to train my stamina. I always feel so fresh after sweating.

6. Social Connection

We will die without Facebook and be depressed if we can't log in to Instagram just for one day right? LOL... This is totally how most of us are now, and sometimes I feel that it's  kinda wtf?! Hahhahaa... But since we are always so actively on social media, why not be more active in real life social connection. Meeting new people, going out with friends, talking face to face is very crucial too in staying healthy. Experts say that how socially connected a person tends to be is one of the most important ways of predicting his health and independence in later years.

7. Explore New Activity

Always try something new in life, try to involve family and friends for outdoor activity to build better relationship and also build a better bond between each other. This helps to releases stress and also makes us happy! Happy people always live longer! Hahahaha...


This is my last and final tips. Just enjoy life!! There is always so many reason in life for us to smile everyday, for us to be happy and to always think positive! Positive mind make us happy, and when we are happy it brings us good health! :)

So these are a few tips that I will follow for a healthier life, and I hope that it could encourage everyone of you to live a healthier life too!


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