Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hey, wazzup? I am looking at you! Hahhaa.. It's really a busy week for me, with loads of work to do but I'm glad that I'm still coping up with work. I just realize how much I miss uni life and I can't wait to end my internship and go back to school!! I know it's sounds so wtf, but it's true. LOL... Uni life is really so much better than working life. Haizzz....

Growing up does not just let you see how many obstacle and pressure you will be facing, but also having a clearer sight on how humanity is. It is very saddening to see how people around you could fake a smile in front of you but then start bitching behind you! Bitch please, if you dislike me then don't appear in front of me, it's not like I want to see you in my life either! Why people have to be so selfish but not help others when they can? I am not saying all these because something happen to me recently, but just that sometimes all these random thoughts of life will just float in my mind and this is where I will rant it out. LOL... I will just stop here because I don't like to have to much negative energy here in my blog, and I want everyone reading my blog to be happy too. :)

So I guess writing about my outfit is something happy for me. LOL... If you are staying in Malaysia, I bet most of you can't stand the heat as the temperature here recently is freaking HOT!! I am not a person that sweats a lot, but this weather is helping me to sweat. Hahaha.. So whenever I go out now, my outfit have to stay simple, minimal and of course comfortable. For this outfit, I tried something new which is my first time wearing a suspender. It's not something that I will shop for, but since I got this as my Christmas present last year from my aunt, I was thinking why not use it and create another style? As I mentioned before, fashion is all about being bold and daring, especially being a fashion blogger. 

Really love this black top, because it's actually a mesh top that is absolutely suitable to wear during such hot weather that provides cooling "ventilation". Hahhaa.. For you guys that still don't know what is a mesh top, it's the material that has small small holes on top. LOL... Look at the image below and you will get me on where the "ventilation" is coming from. Hahaha... I also like how the silver suspender creates an attention for the top and it makes me feels like some kind of street performer. wtf right? I don't know why also. Hahaha...

Mesh Top from Topman
Burgundy Pants from H&M

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