Sunday, February 16, 2014


I'm not sure if everyone of you have this problem, but this problem definitely happen to me always. You know when you have to go for a short trip or holiday, and the moment when you start packing your luggage, it seems like you have the whole closet to fit in that little luggage? LOL... There is like so many clothes that you wanna bring, because different clothes or colour have to matched with a different piece. But there is always a solution for a problem. How can we bring less but have more style?

If you guys follow my Instagram, you may have seen a few outfit that I am gonna share. But now let me share a few tips on what to bring if you are going for a holiday. 

Always bear in mind to bring a pair of pants that is so versatile and could match every outfit of yours. So for me, I have chose a denim jeans and also a denim jacket as my staple element because everything goes well with denim. So for this first outfit, I matched it with a more interesting floral print shirt but still keeping it simple by choosing a black piece because black is also another element that matches everything well. And it's always fun to match something that is so casual on the outside with the denim jacket with something that looks smart in the inside with a button up collar shirt.

Second day outfit is where you could play more with layering which is one of my favourite. Can you guys spot something familiar? Hahhaa... I've changed my yesterday's smart casual look into a more street style outfit, and still using the same piece from yesterday. Wearing an oversize top, a denim jacket and my black floral print shirt tied on waist, creates three layer visual for the whole look. 

Third and last outfit of the day. I will sum this whole look with 3 words : t-shirt, shirt and jacket. Simple coordinate with statement accessorize and prints. To have a cooler look? Add on a shades and you're swag as hell! Hahahhaa... So this is how we should play around with our outfit, and it helps a lot in saving space for new clothes in your luggage and also overweight issue if you're boarding a plane. LOL... 

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