Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So how many of you out there loves to drink coffee and explore new coffee places around town? *Me me me!!* Hahhaa.. wtf! Own self ask then own self answer. Alright, I bet youngsters like me and you really like cool cafe because it's such a great hangout place to just chill and sometimes even great setting for pictures too right? LOL

So recently there is a new mall near my place call One City Mall. It is located at USJ 25 and to be honest, it is so near my place but I have not been there before. Hahhaa... So just a few weeks back, me and my friends decided to check out the mall and see if there is anything cool in there. Surprisingly the mall is still quite new, so there is nothing much to shop but it has more restaurant and cafe. And this is where we stumble upon this newly open cafe, Charlie Chaplin Cafe. 

The big Charlie Chaplin poster at the main entrance did caught my attention, and since he is such a famous and iconic person, I will really like to check out how this cafe brings out the theme of Charlie Chaplin. Walking in the cafe, it somehow has a very vintage British interior design . It seems like I booked the whole cafe because there was no customers during my visit, and it was so great to just take pictures at every corner without staring eyes from the public. Hahhaha... As you can see, the whole cafe is light up with yellow lights that made the whole atmosphere dim but relaxing. I also love the umbrella decoration that was hanging from the ceiling and also Charlie Chaplin's movie playing on the wall. So when you're bored chatting, full eating, the movie does entertain you. LOL...

The food served was mostly in a small portion, but the price is not small portion price la. Hahhaa.. But to be honest, the food tasted quite good and I will recommend the garlic bread with chicken on top. I forgotten the name of that dish, but I do remember it is nice. LOL... So just show the pic to the waiter when you want to order it. ;) The teapot and cups is also very vintage, with beautiful details of floral design and the gold lining enhance the classy and elegance of the environment.

At One City, they have this sky park which is the roof top bar and restaurant. So I went up and took some outfit post which cannot be miss (hahahaha) and also to check out the view from above. Although it's a roof top place, but the view is actually not very nice because what you see is just construction work and the road. So nothing special about the roof top place. 

So simple outfit is always my choice if it's going to places like cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee. T-shirt and jeans could be very comfortable and simple, but at the same time it's also very fashionable. I am just wearing a simple grey t-shirt with my skinny jeans and paired it with a boots for that street look and I am all ready to go out. This does not even need to spend much time in thinking how to style it, because it's a "never go wrong" outfit for men. LOL...

T-shirt from Superdry
Skinny Jeans from H&M
Bag from Brands Outlet 
Boots from Singapore

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