Saturday, February 8, 2014


Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!! How is your CNY so far? Receiving many ang pao? Winning many from gambling? Hhahaha.. As for me it was not so smooth on the first few days of CNY because I was sick!! Seriously the worst thing to happen during CNY!! On the first day I was still feeling great, had like 4 peanuts biscuit and from there my sore throat came! JUST 4 DAMN PEANUT BISCUIT!! On the second day, I was having high fever! Seriously WTFFFF!! I had to stay at home and rest and missed out many ang pao and also nice foods!! T.T

So back to work for now, and nothing special but still the same, BUSY! I will blog bout my CNY outfit real soon, after a few more backdated outfit post that have been in my comp for quite some time. Hahhaha.. I'm really sorry la, but it's still outfit post right? LOL

So for this outfit, it's literally all eyes on me. Ermm... or maybe you or them?  Hahaa.. I don't know cause they are looking everywhere. wtf. I always love outfit that have layering but still keeping it clean and simple. Black colour always makes things so neat and clean, while layering always create the dimension making the whole outfit visually interesting. And of course, a pop of colours does the tricks too. Just check out my candy bright blue clutch matched with my blue prints socks making the whole colour combination so complimentary to each other.

Sweater from 黑街
Clutch from 黑街
Socks from 黑街
Pants from Zara

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