Friday, January 17, 2014


Last weekend, I attended my first rave party of my life and it's also a good start for 2014!! Maybe many of you will be shock that it is my first rave, but I'm really not kidding because usually most of the rave party is held at Sepang, and that is damn far away from my house. So that's the main reason why I have not been to any rave party. But for this Wow Music Festival that happened on the 11 January 2014, it was held at Sunway Lagoon surf beach and it's the perfect location because... it's damn near my house. Hahhaha.. Yes, the reason is just that simple. XD

Thanks to my friend for the VIP tickets, I got the chance to experience the first ever beach rave party in Malaysia!! It was a great experience that incorporates dance music with fun in the water and at the same time getting up close with my favourite DJs. What was the main reason for me to attend this rave party? It is because of one DJ, and it's non other than the Grammy nominated US DJ/producer Steve Aoki!! I am not really a big fans of EDM (electronic dance music), but with him spinning, I believe that he could hype up the whole crowd and atmosphere, and believe me HE DID IT!! He is much known for his acrobatic crowd surfing stunts, throwing cake at fans, spraying drinks, and riding rafts on the dance floor. He did throw cake towards the crowds that night, but too bad he only threw to the public zone audience, and I was at the VIP zone, so I did not got "caked" by Steve Aoki. But it is already a great experience to see him spin and of course dancing through the night with my best partners!! I think words is enough for now, pictures always speak better than me.

 The first wet rave party in Malaysia!! Everyone just got wet that night! LOL

 Look at the crowd!!This is the public zone, and also the reason why I cannot squeeze myself to the front row. Now you know why I did not get "caked"... hahahahaha

 Grammy nominated US DJ/producer Steve Aoki

 Everyone is just ready to be "caked" by Steve Aoki

 One of his famous stunts, jumping to the raft at the dance floor!

Best party buddies with Karena, Carolyn and Spellman :)

It was such an awesome night, and I am looking forward to more rave party this year and hoping that the venue won't be so far!LOL...Here are some simple outfit pictures that I wore. Staying all simple with singlet because I know that I will just get wet and sweaty. When you know you gonna sweat, styling my hair is not an option and that's why I chose to wear a beanie which I have been deciding for a long time whether to buy it or not because I think that it looks weird on me. But after my consideration, there is no restriction in fashion and I should not restrict myself, everything will have a different feel and you just have to work it!! Hahhahaa...

Studded Beanie from Dreamscape

Events pictures credit to JS Concert

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