Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hello everyone, it's finally Friday and I have never been so anticipated towards Friday until I have started working now. Working life is indeed stressful and the only thing that I look forward everyday is lunch break and the time to go home. LOL... Although going home still means I have to be stuck in the jam (usually one hour for me to reach home) but it is still better to be sitting in the office and facing the laptop.

So it's only one week once where I can sit down and blog, and I really hope I could blog more often but too bad time just does not allow. So for this blog post, let me skip the usual outfit post and write something more closer to myself. Please don't click the "X" button and please continue reading... Since I started working, my routine everyday is the same just like a robot. I wake up in the morning, drive to work and if the traffic is good I will reach around 9am. I will go to the mamak just opposite my office to have breakfast and then 930am sharp I will start working. I won't want to bored you guys with what I'm doing at work, so let me just skip till lunch break. A sense of excitement hits me when the clock tick at 12pm, because it's finally lunch time! The time where I could be out from the office and just enjoy a small chit chat session with friends. But lunch is only an hour, good times do always past fast. Haiz... 630pm is the time where everyone in the office starts leaving, and is also an invisible energy booster to me as it's time to go home!! Yayy!! Although the traffic sucks till max usually during evening, but the only thing in my mind is to go home and be on my bed. After a whole day facing the computer, your eyes really stress out and you have no idea how much energy you have drain due to the concentration. I will just feel tired and sleepy once I reach home and won't even have time to switch on the computer and browse the net, because what you want is to just sleep! You can't imagine how much you love the bed and appreciate every second of sleep which you could get! This is my routine, and this explain why I do not even have a little time to blog and even update more on my FB and Instagram. :(

Let me just stop a moment on my ranting, and share some happy news! I am so fortunate to be featured in Looks Magazine Indonesia, and all thanks to WhatIWear for the interview! I have not even dream in my life to be feature in an international magazine, and they did made my dream come true! It is really a great start for me in 2014, and I hope that there will be more chances this year and hope that more people could be inspired by me! :) Fashion has always been my passion but I won't say that I'm an expert in fashion because I know there is still so many talented people out there and I am so eagerly looking forward to meet all of them. Especially in Malaysia's fashion industry, through social media and the internet, I have realized and discover so many talented local fashion designer and I think that their design should be recognize by more people here in Malaysia. So 2014, please make me meet all these awesome and talented designer and maybe some collaboration too? Hahhahaa.... XD 

I admit that I do not have many knowledge towards fashion, but it's my personal instinct that makes my style distinct. I just love to mix and match different elements together and see how it will look like. I believe that every different element or material could bring a totally different outcome towards the whole outfit. Because of my love towards fashion, I wanted to share my style and hoping to inspire all of you out there, and this is what leads me to blogging. Blogging has been a big part of my life a year ago when I started to be serious towards my blog and I want it to hold an objective towards my readers. I enjoy sharing and also enjoy how all of you will give me positive feedback :) But somehow for now, I have started my intern and experience the working life, I really face a huge dilemma and problem that I do not know how to handle.  

One more year till I graduated, and I always ask myself. "What should I do?" Do I give up my blogging career and pursue on what my degree holds or give myself a chance to pursue on something that I like? Everyone have their own dream, and my dream is actually to be a model. I know it's a hard career and tough industry especially in Malaysia, but this is what I want. So should I just give myself a shot and join some modelling competition after my degree and see how far can I go? Or should I just find a job, get a basic salary and live a "9-5" life? I am actually still feeling so lost on what my future holds, and which path should I be choosing? Could I survive if I continue blogging and try pursuing in modelling OR will I be happy working 9-5 everyday and repeating the same routine??? 

If you have any good advice, please do comment and share it with me. Would like to listen from all of you :) And also if you have read this far, thank you so much for reading and understanding a little bit more about me. I think this is my most lengthy post of all, and I will stop herenow! Good night xoxo

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