Saturday, January 4, 2014


Happy New Year to all of my readers!! My first post of 2014 and I'm feeling a new and fresh start! So how have all of you enjoyed and party from 2013 to 2014? LOL... I know that I have been really busy lately with work as I have started my internship, that's why I think only weekend is the time for me to update my blog. (I feel very sad too.. )

Since I just started my intern, I do not really know is this what I want and will I enjoy my 3 months working experience, but for now I will just hope for the best.The downside of my workplace is the jam that I have to go through every single day!!! If you drive, you will know how pek cek it is to be stuck in a jam for hours, leg press break adi press till cramp jor.. Hahahhaa... Another thing is that there is no cheap food around my office. All shops is fancy cafe and restaurant, and the cheapest is the mamak opposite my office. So I think this 3 months all my meal will be mamak! (Yayy mamak!! You have one loyal customer here! LOL)

Since it's a new year, I have not taken any outfit post yet. So this is also a set of outfit that I took LAST YEAR!! (which is just a few weeks ago..LOL *dramatic*) I am also worrying on my outfit post because my work requires me to wear formal, which means no casual outfit, no new pictures T.T So the only time that I can take outfit pictures will be on weekend, so on weekday Brian See is so not Brian See. Hahahaha... Just a normal office boy ><

 Red Hoodie from 黑街

So it's new year, I chose this red outfit to symbolize the "ong" and good fortune that will bring to us this year! (macam Chinese New Year...LOL. But is also new year ma XD) I like how casual a hoodie is but with bright colours like red, there is a point of attention and focus point. Ragged torn jeans paired with a boots just enhance the whole street style look, and makes the entire outfit more casual with a sense of swag. This is how simple you could pull off a hoodie and also helps to save the time in thinking for anything else complicated.

I know usually when it's a new year, you should have a new resolution. But this year for me, I think I will just keep all my resolution to myself because the ones that I made last year have not even been achieve yet. So disappointed in myself... =( Will try harder this year! So we should just stay positive, stay healthy and always be happy and contented in what we are having now! I can reveal one of my resolution for this year (only one..shhh.XD), which is to gain weight and eat more!! LOL... I know gaining weight is a problem for some of you, but not gaining weight is one of my problem. Hahhaa..So here is some food that I tried at Coffee Chemistry, which is located in First Subang Mall@SS15.

It was my first time here and what this restaurant caught my attention was the 3D coffee art that I saw in Instagram. It was so cute and I always wonder how those people is willing to drink it and kill such cute creation. Hahahaha.. So I went there myself and ordered the 3D coffee, and no matter how cute it is you will still DRINK IT!! Hahhaaa.. You pay so much takkan waste and just look at it meh? So just adore the cuteness and take some pictures on the first few minutes, then STIR the cat head and drink it! LOL... Nothing really special about the coffee though.

So once again, a very Happy 2014 to all of you and please bear with me for this 3 moths as I am busying with my internship! I will still update my blog when I have the time, so just stay tune and come back often ya!! :*

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