Sunday, January 26, 2014


I need more time!! This is seriously something that I need a lot for now. Looking back at my previous blog post, I realize that it has been so long since my last update. I feel so bad and guilty for not updating, but it's really out of my control. LOL... This means that I have been so busy everyday for the past 10 days that I totally have no time to even sit down and write a short post. Luckily it's the weekend again, which means I could stay up a bit late to blog! Yayyy!! 

I know that I have not updated many outfit post lately, so here is one new one. (maybe not so new, because it was taken a few weeks back. Hahhaha) I guess you guys understand that I could only wear formal to work, so lately I do not have much chance to take any new outfit pictures. But Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means more new outfit pics coming up!! Hahhaa... But too many outfit post, too little time!! OMG!! >.<

So coming back to this outfit, it is another minimalistic look but this is where the prints play a big part. Simple black top could be sometimes boring, but not when there is such subtle details on the sleeve. Matching it with my camouflage pants, the prints and colour combination just made it not so boring right? This is how prints always save my boring outfit looks. Hahahhaa...

Black top from 黑街

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