Monday, December 9, 2013


It's Christmas time again, and it's the season of giving and sharing. Christmas has always been one of my favourite festive season of the year because the atmosphere everywhere will be so jolly and merry. I think I just used two of Christmas keywords in one sentence. Hahhaaa... 

So for this year, Sunway Pyramid has decorated their mall with angels wings and this comes with a meaningful story behind. I was more than delighted to be invited as one of the guest for the launch of Sunway Pyramid's Wings of Hope campaign in collaboration with Children's Wish Society of Malaysia. The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness and funds for terminally ill children to grant their last wish.

I do admit that sometimes in life I do complain a lot and somehow is unappreciative on what I'm having. But after attending this event, it totally gave me wake up call and reflects on how fortunate I am growing up healthily and even one day achieving my dreams.  Every children has a dream, and hoping that they could achieve it one day. But what if, some of them won't have the chance for that one day?

Btw, I find it quite funny on how Fourfeetnine is looking at me in this picture. Hahhahaa...

During the event, Sunway Pyramid granted the wish of 3 less fortunate children and making their wish come true.
 Chong Poey Yuan last wish is to sing for the crowd, and Sunway Pyramid gave him the stage and opportunity to let him sing in front of everyone. He sang You Raise Me Up and If I Let You Go. It was really a touching moment looking at him achieving his dream. 

Elvin Raj and Chong Jun Kit are diagnose with muscle disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a illness that will deteriorates the muscles. Elvin's dream is to become and policeman and Jun Kit's dream is to become a pilot. They were awarded with their uniform and Sunway also prepared a helicopter ride for Jun Kit making his wish come true. This is also my first time being at a helipad and being so close to a helicopter.

So we should really be appreciative on what we are having now and never give up in fighting for our dreams. Stop the complain and be thankful for what God and our parents gave us. You could also be a faerie and be part of this Wings of Hope campaign. Just head over to Sunway Pyramid and donate RM10 for one feather where you can stick it on the large angel's wing. All funds will be donated to Children's Wish Society of Malaysia in granting the last wish of others less fortunate children. You could make a difference and add a smile on their face during this festive season. Giving is also a way of receiving, so let's give these children the sweetest last smile by fulfilling the last wish that makes this worthwhile.


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