Saturday, December 14, 2013


Everyone love some cold beer because it's always so refreshing and chilling, but this time Tiger made it more special. Thanks to Tiger Beer for the invite, I attended the Tiger Radler beer launch last week at KL Live. So what so special about Tiger Radler? It has the combination of Tiger Beer with lemon, and this enhance the sweetness of the beer and also the refreshing sensation of the lemon.

It was an exclusive party, and I am so glad that I am one of the first to try this new beer. I personally is not a big fan of beer because usually beer have that bit of bitter taste in it, but trying this beer the other night made me madly in love with it. Sometime life is very unexpected because you won't know what will the outcome be. It's like learning new things in life, we won't know if we could really be proficient in it but we just have to try. So luckily Tiger tried the blend of beer with lemon, and the outcome is perfectly brilliant.

So here is my full outfit. I always love to mix and match different element and see how the outcome is. Like what I mention above, we just have to try. LOL... So I matched this batik print top that have the "dato" feel with a simple black pants. Hahhaa... So to make the whole outfit not too mature or "old", I wore a pair of bright blue sneakers to balance it out.  So at the top you will see a more mature me, but at the bottom is a very young energetic me. Anytime ready for a run. Wtf.. XD

Print top from 黑街
Black pants from H&M
Sneakers from 333 Store

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