Monday, December 2, 2013


So did any of you guys here went to Urbanscapes 2013 last last weekend? If you did, I bet you’ve experienced a whole full two days of awesomeness that was filled with art, music and fashion. 

All thanks to Tiger Beer as they are one of the main sponsors for this event, they got me the opportunity to experience Urbanscapes 2013 as this is my first ever Urbanscapes event. The event started at 2pm, so since it’s my first time I decided to wake up a little early and to get ready to explore Urbanscapes.

So check list for my outfit was simple. Singlet, small sling pouch, shades and a floral cap because although it’s winter in some country, in Malaysia we are always feeling the summer love. Just a few simple things and I’m all ready to walk and explore Urbanscapes.

Since it’s my first time here, I did not know what to expect and was so eager to find out how this event could surprise me. Right when I was inside, I found that it’s literally
an art festival where you could see creative street art design, graffiti, and also artwork that are made from environmental friendly materials. 

The venue for this event is huge. But luckily there was Tiger Beer drinking zone to the rescue when you felt thirsty. A cool cold beer on a sunny day makes you feel like you’re in heaven. 

 Bumped into Geraldine and her friend Amanda :)

It was a great event that is full with fun and activities from music to fashion, and fashion to art. It was such great experience lying down on the grass, looking at the blue blue sky, and waiting for the sun to set. 

 Singlet from 黑街

For more information, check out Urbanscape Facebook page for more information about this art festival or go to TigerBeerMY to find out more interesting things on what Tiger is up to!
If you guys missed out on Urbanscapes Big Weekend, there’ll be a 2nd Satellite Show happening tomorrow at KL LIVE! Click here for more deets ! 

You still can #makeurbanscapesepic !


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