Sunday, December 22, 2013


Woohoo!! I'm jumping in joy now because finally my exam is over and I can relax for just a bit. Although it's just a bit but I really need it, so it's better than nothing. LOL... Have been so busy for the past 2 weeks due to my final exams, so you will realize how I have not updated my blog recently. But there is this new apps call Dayre, and I do update quite often over there on some of my random stuff, so you could follow me at Dayre. Username : mrbriansee :)

Although I'm on holiday, but now I'm caught with cough and flu which really sucks! I think it's because of my exam stress and all the sleepless night, so here comes the sickness. Haizzz...

So since I have been so busy for the past few weeks, this is also an outfit post that I have taken a few weeks back. Hahahha.... Just look at my hair then you know, cause I have already redye my hair colour. No more black roots! So I wore this outfit for my interview because I'm gonna start interning next month. And yes!!!! I got the job!! Hehe ^^ So back to this outfit, interview is actually a very formal meeting and first impression is very very important. So I decided to go formal and nothing with prints and pattern but just the basics. I admit that I'm not really good in dressing formal, but a shirt and blazer will never go wrong. So I decided to go with the basic black shirt but opted a more dark blue blazer that still compliment the whole outfit.

I was actually really nervous because it's my first time going for an interview and it's at a PR firm. I totally have no idea on what they will ask me or what I should expect. Another thing that I would want to share is looking for a job is not easy!! I have applied for at least 10 company, and guess how many got back to me? Only 2! And it's not like after sending an email, they will reply you "hey, come over and have an interview with us :) " NO!! It's not that simple. After sending them email, I still have to call the company and send follow up email just to make sure they read at least one page of my resume. Now I know how hard life is, and how difficult it is to survive!! 

I also feel that time really passes so fast that I have grown up and it's time to face the real world. I know that working in the real industry will be so much different compare to uni life, but I'm also quite looking forward to start my intern next month to gain more experience. Everyone have to learn from experience right? But I'm lucky and glad that both my interview went very well, and I have secured a position in a PR firm. After starting my internship, I really hope that I will still have the time to blog but I don't think I will have that much opportunity to snap my outfit pictures because my company need us to wear formal to work! I HATE IT! T.T But I think updating FB and Instagram won't be a problem la. So remember to follow me there too! Haha

So that's all for now la, will update more soon. :)

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