Thursday, November 28, 2013

X'perience PARIS FASHION, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur

My favourite time of the year is here again when I see all beautiful Christmas trees and white snowflakes decorating most of the shopping mall. I was honoured to be invited by The One Academy to attend X'perience Paris Fashion last Saturday at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with ESMOD Kuala Lumpur one year anniversary. The moment walking in to the mall, I was all so excited by the beautiful white Christmas decoration because I love how Christmas joy brings the feeling of soothing and peace. 

Many of you may not know that The One Academy collaborated with France-based ESMOD, the world’s first fashion school established in 1841 to form ESMOD Kuala Lumpur. Since ESMOD is a fashion school that produce leading designers that will emerge as the future trend-setter in the worldwide fashion arena, this event is full with creative and innovative activities. I arrived around 12.30pm and register before the show starts. Before the event started, I took some free time to explore some activities where their students showcased fashion illustration, magic show and also there is a gold mime at the main entrance that created attention.

 Striking a pose with fashionista Amanda Liu and Jared before the show starts

 ESMOD Kuala Lumpur transformed Pavilion long staircase at the main concourse to an extravagant fashion runway.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Galland, Cooperation and Cultural Action Attaché of the Embassy of France in Malaysia; Mr. Tatsun Hoi, Principal of The One Academy and Ms. Anne Viallon, International Director of ESMOD International launched the fashion show by signing on the'Lavigne Bust' draping mannequin.

The fashion show started with an opening act from a dance group that totally caught the eye of the public with their stunning dance moves and also with their fashionably metallic silver jacket.

ESMOD Kuala Lumpur planned a star-studded fashion show to mark it's first years anniversary that had showcase incredible runway displays created by ESMOD’s most talented new designers, featuring different design themes that brought everyone that attended through an enchanting journey of elegance and distinctness. There are also many fun and creative collection which is based on their sustainable fashion theme to emphasis on environmental protection by using pieces of clothes torn apart, sewn together, patch worked and then reconstructed it.  
 After the event, all guest were invited to enjoy afternoon tea at Pavilion Bedroom. The organizer also exhibited some of the designer's clothes and some student's artwork which was brilliantly design and made. 

 With fellow bloggers, Povy, Lumi and Jessica. 

Black Jacket from 黑街
Ripped denim pants from H&M

After focusing on the designer's clothes, it's time to focus on my outfit. LOL... Since my hair is growing so fast and the damn fringe is just so annoying, I decided to comb up my hair and create a more vintage hairstyle. Black and white was my choice because I really wanted to wear this jacket out which somehow I feel that it is like a trench coat but just shorter and of course not so think. It's the winter season, and I really like layered and thick outfit but too bad in Malaysia the weather just does not allow you to do so. Hahhahaa... So it was just my only choice to stick with a more simple black jacket. 

It is also very interesting and maybe not so simple because of the oversize collar part and also the pop of colour from the badges. I really love how cute the badges is randomly sewed on the sleeve, which reminds me on my childhood where I like to collect pin badges and pin it all on my school bag. Awww.. so nostalgic.!! XD

Lastly, I will like to give a big thank you to The One Academy and ESMOD Kuala Lumpur for inviting me to be part of the celebration of this event. I also love how unique and special their door gift is, giving cute Eiffel tower key chains, macaroons which is one of the symbol of Paris and also one thick sketch book where I can write and draw all my inspiration in it.   

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