Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I think it's time for me to walk away, or maybe fly away. LOL... Updating this place now while waiting for the time to pass. If you read my previous blog post, I will be leaving to Singapore for a short break. My flight is early in the morning, means I have to leave to the airport at 3am. I do not know what to do now, whether should I sleep or maybe just take a nap. So I decided to update my blog before leaving. Hehe :)

So here is another outfit post that has been in my memory card for quite some time, and finally I have the time to blog about it. I actually have quite a few outfit shots that is still in my memory card which I have not even edit it. Time!! I need time!! So thank you for all of your patience, here is an outfit that I wore to class recently.

I admit that wearing formal is really not my favourite outfit heading out, because I don't really feel comfortable wearing it. But since being a fashion blogger, you have to make an outfit that you are not really interested in looks interesting too. LOL... So for me, I always love to make dull and boring formal a little more fun and lively. Just to make myself more comfortable, I chose a grey t-shirt with a little leather element at the pocket to match it with my leather blocking blazer. Paisley prints on the pants  is where I add in the fun, to enhance to overall dullness. It is really important to have the perfect prints to spice up the entire look.

 T-shirt from Zara

 Paisley pants from 黑街

 Leather bag from Y 男女潮流服饰店 Y

Alright time for me to pack my bag, and walk away for a while. Hahhahaa... Universal Studio Singapore here I come!! XD

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