Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yes, it is the time of the year again where Urbanscapes is back!! Established since 2002, it’s a creative art festival which aim to bring creativity, music, art, design, films all together. This year Urbanscapes 2013 Big Weekend will be on the 23 and 24 November at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS).

All thanks to Tiger Beer as the official beer sponsor for this event, we can witness the creative performances from international and local artists including Franz Ferdinand, Two Door Cinema Club and Tegan and Sara. Tiger Beer was also the title sponsor for the Tiger Urbanscapes Satellite Show with Explosions in the Sky and Mew last week at KL Live. If you did go for the show, you will know how awesome and amazing the performance was. The first Urbanscapes Satellite Show was the kick-off point for the countdown to the Big Weekend.

I am not really a party person, but when it comes down to choosing the right beer for my party, Tiger Beer is usually my first choice. I just like how refreshing and cooling Tiger Beer is, and it is better when serve cold. I think I should organize a party real soon. Hahahhaa… Just one more thing, Tiger Beer’s association with the best live music experiences in Malaysia via the Tiger Music platform is in line with the brand’s reputation for delivering exceptional consumer experiential activities that are both edgy and dynamic for discerning music lovers. Since I’m a music lover and also love creative arts, I just can’t miss out Urbanscapes 2013!!

Alright, talking back about Urbanscapes 2013, I am so looking forward to see the performance of many local and international artist and performers. I do really appreciate indie music and also the creativity of collaboration of arts and ideas. I am just so excited to see some indie bands perform live such as Two Door Cinema Club, Franz Ferdinand, Tegan and Sara, Metric and many more. Just check out the official Urbanscapes website regularly as well, to find out details on the performance schedules.

Two Door Cinema Club, Franz Ferdinand, Tegan and Sara, and Metric will be performing at Urbanscapes 2013

Urbanscapes 2013 is not just a festival for music; it is also a place where all creative art from different genre meets up. Being a fashion blogger, I should not only solely admire the creativity and art of fashion, but I know that I should also explore more on the inspiration of creativity and art from music, films, design and many more. It is a good inspiration platform to think outside the box and to be more creative in life.
I have been thinking for quite some time on what to wear that day. Since it’s a full-scale outdoor event, I should really pick some outfit that is comfortable and remember to put on sun block and never forget your shades. I don’t want to be barbecued under the sun. LOL…But of course don’t wear too fancy, and don’t wear white shoes. It may be sunny but it might rain too, you wouldn’t want mud on your white shoe, so just stay simple and comfortable. For girls, I recommend crop tops or muscle tee and for boys, singlet or t-shirt will be just fine. No matter it’s a sunny or rainy, this epic event will still go on, and nothing is stopping me to enjoy this awesome weekend. Yayy!! XD

Some inspiration on your outfit for Urbanscapes 2013!!

Here is the map to Urbanscapes 2013 at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS). Don’t get lost and come early!! LOL

Check out Tiger Beer Facebook page for more information on what are they up to or search up #makeurbanscapesepic. 

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