Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It was a wonderful evening where I celebrated my classmate's birthday a few weeks ago at Ben's, Publika. Sometimes I do not really fancy western food because I'm not a big fans of cheese and cream, (mostly all western food have cheese) that's why it's really kinda hard for me to choose a dish on the menu unless I go for fish and chips every time. Hahahhaa... Not just that, if there is no description on the dish, I will go through a hard time googling about it. I just don't get those words mean, they just have to make those words so complicated when it's just a simple word. Hahahhaa... Excuse me for being so dumb on all this western food names. 

Since it's not my first time here at Ben's, I do really like what they serve as they have a variety of choices on the menu and everything just looks so tasty. I like the fusion of asian and western element in their dishes, and of course being a dessert lover like me I just love their cakes!!! Check out what did we order that day, it will definitely make you drool. LOL...

Sorry that I have forgotten the names of the food, but I can tell you every dish taste good. If you really wanna order, just show the waiter my pictures. Hahhahaa... Since we did not buy a whole cake for the birthday boy, we decided to buy a slice of every cake. 

Yes, we are monsters when it comes to food. Don't be surprise that you will be the same because you just can't resist the awesomeness of the cakes. Hahahhaa...

A few decent pictures before we start attacking the cake. You can just see how excited I am in the last picture. Hahahaha.. XD

Since it was sunset and the setting was so nice, how can I miss the chance in taking a few shots of my outfit right? 

My outfit for that day was black and white. I did not wanted to play too much colours, so I do really appreciate how black always brings out the coolness of the look and white always add a sense of class and purity. 

I did not wanted to go for a all black outfit, so I decided to balance it up with my white jacket. It has been staying too long in my closet and finally it's time to bring it out for some fresh air. Its also really amazing that the base of my outfit is black, but the prints on my t-shirt and pants is white which matched perfectly with my outer jacket. Stars print on my pants paired with my leather booths finishes the whole look to be special and cool.

T-shirt from 黑街
Star print pants from 黑街
Gold rings from H&M 

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