Sunday, November 10, 2013


Oppsss!! Did I scare you? Hahhahaa... It's time for me to update my Halloween experience for this year. I know that Halloween was about 1 or 2 weeks ago? (totally lost count. XD) But I just came back from my short trip from Singapore, and the first thing now is to update my blog. So sorry for the delay, and I will update my Singapore trip soon too!! Stay tuned!! :)

It's actually my first year celebrating Halloween. I have not dress up for Halloween before, and usually I will just stay home and maybe watch some horror movie. LOL... But for this year, I decided to join in the fun and experience how Halloween is. 

For my first time celebrating Halloween, I celebrated it 2 days in a row!! Hahhaa... Actually it was quite random that my sis just asked me if I wanted to go clubbing during Halloween, then I was thinking why not? Since I'm on holiday, and finally it's time for me to move my body. LOL... I thought that no one will dress up during Halloween in a club, but I guess I was wrong. There were actually quite some number of vampire, mummies, zombies and some kitty cat. Hahhahaha.. So for me, I did not plan as it was a last minute thing, I just pour some blood at the edge of my mouth and also added a blood necklace which should looks like my neck is bleeding and oozing out blood. Does it look real? XD

My second day of Halloween was actually a party in my uni. Me and my classmates decided to dress up and also make up to go extreme. Since it was my first time putting on Halloween make up, I just put everything that was ready by my friend on my face.  

As you can see, I think I am a dead walking zombie. I have no idea what make up is this, but I think it was quite a good attempt for first timer. LOL...Me and my friends were all laughing in the room looking at each others make up, as we all have no idea what we're doing. I wanted to put on some eye shadow at my eyes area to create dark circle to look more dead, and my friend told me that it was not enough so she helped me to touch up and add more. This is what happen, it looks like my eyes has been punched and it has bruises on it. Hahhahaa... I also just randomly poured blood on my face and shirt. So I think the story of my Halloween costume will be a guy that is beaten up till death and he became a zombie to seek revenge? Cool? Hahahhaha... or maybe you could think something that is more creative? XD

Do we look scary? We have Sadako, Ju-On, Red riding hood, Chinese ghost and also zombies. 

Sometime ghost wanna have some fun too!! Ghost and zombie also can act cute ok. LOL...

With Spellman the "Elf prince". He wanted to stay handsome, so he decided to be the elf prince. And I totally have no more image and not being handsome anymore. XD

This is the last set of pictures, and although I'm a zombie I still won't forget my ootd shoot. Hahhahaha.. I'm doing it the zombie way!! LOL... Love my outfit? :)

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