Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hooray, finally on my holiday now!! Although it is just a week break, but I'm still very happy because it's time for me to recharge and relax. Of course, also time for me to play!! LOL... I'm so excited now because I will be flying off to Singapore next week. Finally have the chance to go to USS, and I can't wait to explore and take picture inside. Hahhahaa... So Singapore readers, do say hi if you happen to bump into me. :)

So it's already November now, and 2013 is already going to an end. So since it's Deepavali season now, I think this outfit match it a lot. Looking at my vivid peacock feather top, it do really reminds me of Deepavali. Living in a multiracial country, I am actually really fortunate to experience different culture and festival. The rich diversity of culture in Malaysia makes this place so colourful and special.

Peacock feather top from Room 11

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