Sunday, November 24, 2013


Looking at my blog title, I bet all of you know what I'm gonna write about. LOL... I went to Singapore a few weeks back, and it is my second time this year visiting there. I actually do really like the environment at Singapore, especially how clean and safer it is compared to Malaysia. But one thing that sucks is the currency!! OMG!! I feel like I just used a chicken just to exchange a bread. Hahhahaa.. You guys better understand my metaphor. Wtf.. XD

Alright, so I went to Singapore with few of my classmates because we wanted to visit Universal Studio. So we plan for a short trip and only went for 3 days 2 night. So for the first day in Singapore, it was really a tired day because our flight was at 6.30am, which means I went off to the airport around 3-4am and I did not get any sleep. After arriving at Singapore, it was only around 7am and we all have no where to go because hotel check in time is at 2pm!! Omg!! My flight was so early because my friend booked the wrong time, it's not because I wanted to reach early. LOL...

So we decided to just go to our hotel and check out if they allow us to check in early. We stayed at a hotel near Orchard road, so we took the MRT from Changi all the way to Orchard. We thought it was only a 10min walking distance, but god damn it!! We walked like 20mins from the MRT to the hotel with our luggage, it's totally not near!! I was all exhausted when I reached the hotel, and thank god they let us to check in early. The first thing that all of us did in Singapore was to sleep. LOL....

After recharging our energy, we used the afternoon for a walk around Orchard. Singapore is really not a shopping place for me because I don't think it's cheaper compare to Malaysia, so 3 days 2 night is really more than enough for me. LOL... So for my first day outfit. monochromatic colours is really a combination that blends so well, but still have the point of attention. I really love my monochromatic jacket matched with this really fun and cute panther t-shirt. The panther is sticking it's tongue out which I feel that it is very cute, somehow reminds me of my dog. Hahahahhaa..

 Some street style pictures with my dumb bff Juwei!! (she only looks smart in pictures) XD Will blog about my Universal Studio experience on my next blog post, so stay tuned!! :)

 Shoes from Nigga Hype Fashion House

Jacket from Y 男女潮流服饰店 Y
T-shirt from Y 男女潮流服饰店 Y
Pants from H&M

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