Friday, October 11, 2013


Finally I have time to blog about this event that I attended a few weeks back. It is really hard for me now to blog efficiently because when assignments come rushing to me, I totally have no time to sleep. So obviously I have no time to blog too. :( Really hate it with all the stress, but I think only Friday night is my best time to relax for a bit, and start blogging. :)

So if you guys know, I have actually made an appearance in GINA's new MV, "Forever". Finally their new mini album has been released, and thank you GINA for inviting me to the press conference and of course giving me this opportunity to be in their MV. Do check out this awesome new group from Malaysia and also check out "Forever" MV below. :)

So the outfit that I wore that day was tic tac toe. Hahhaa... Don't this pattern on my top reminds you of tic tac toe? Or maybe chess game? I really love how patterns and colours always relate to something funny. Maybe my imagination just go too far sometimes, but this is good cause it makes me happy. That's why finding the right outfit with the right pattern or colours is important, it makes us think and relate to something.

Since monotone is the trend now, it is really easy to match it with any other elements. You could keep it simple by pairing it with a black or white pants, making the whole outfit monotone. But if you decide to have an outfit that stands out more, then this will be your choice. 

Don't limit yourself thinking that you can't go nowhere with a monotone top, just pair it with a bright vivid red leather pants. Bammm!!! There is a totally different outcome for your look. Red is always a colour that could make everything alive, just like a burning fire. Leather and red is something more exotic, something extraordinary, that's what I like. LOL...

B/W Check Shirt, Red Leather Pants, Accessories all from mens_wardrobe

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