Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Just reading this blog post title, you will know that I had a crush with metallic element. Metallic has always been my favourite, and I have been looking for some outfit that have the element of metallic in it. One day when I was browsing through this website, this gold metallic jacket literally made me scream. LOL...

It was such a perfect combination of black and gold, and the metallic gold sleeve created such a contemporary and futuristic feel. The gold lining on both of the side pockets and gold round studs around the collar was such subtle and precise details that compliment the entire look. 

I paired this metallic gold jacket with something very simple in the inside. A simple grey t-shirt was my choice because it balance out the striking element on the jacket and also my choice of pants of the day, which is the camouflage prints pants. Keep in mind the rule of combination, keep something simple when there is something loud. Hahhahaa... Unless you are going for a more exotic and attention seeking outfit. 

   Metallic Gold Jacket from mens_wardrobe 
Studded Bacl Shoe from mens_wardrobe 

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