Friday, October 25, 2013


Look how fun my sweater is for this outfit. When I first saw this print, it totally reminds me of Japan because this is the type of wave that you could see on many Japan's artwork or some cultural art piece. I think how I'm feeling now is also just like the wave. What do I mean? Wave is always going up and down, but still having so much force to push forward to create a bigger splash. LOL... I don't know why did I come up with such description, but yeah. Recently with all my assignments, it's seriously giving me stress again and of course many sleepless night. I think you could see it all on my tired face. Hahahhaa... I think I should learn more from the wave, going down but pushing myself back up. wtf.. LOL

Ok, I think I should stop with all the nonsense that is coming out from my dead tired brain. Hahhahaa.... I just can't stop staring at my sweater when it's hanging in my room because whenever I look at it, it seems like it is moving. The details and the colour combination made the whole look so lively and eye catching. 

Since the sleeve of my top is black in colour, I created a more layered and contrast look by matching it with a white shirt inside. Another tips to all of you, if you want to appeal a more layering look, choose a long sleeve shirt to be pair inside. See how I could roll my white sleeve up with the sweater sleeves and also the contrast that I created on my collar and the bottom of my sweater? 

 Sweater from Room 11

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