Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yoyoyo dear readers, it's already October now. Omg, time do really flies so quickly, and 2013 is coming to an end real soon. I got a feeling that October is gonna be a good month for me, so I really hope that everything goes smoothly and well.  

When I first saw this top from Topman, I have totally fall in love with it. Animal print is always such an attention seeker. LOL... I have no idea how many clothes I have with animal prints, but this one totally caught my attention. The eye of the tiger was staring at me while I was doing my shopping, and immediately I have Katy Perry's song in my head "I got the eye of the tiger"....XD I like how special the tiger was, as it's not those typical tiger, but it is a white Siberian tiger.  Cute and fierce all in one. LOL...

Burgundy is a trend in this year autumn collection, so I matched my burgundy pants with this white tiger top to create a great contrast to the outfit. In order to minimize the dullness of this look, denim shirt on tied on waist create a more street style feel. 

Tiger Top from Topman
Burgundy Pants from H&M
Accessories from Singapore 

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  1. Seen, nowadays your outfit are in black and white series. I love green colour, but don't know how to match it. May you try your new outfit with green series? Always support you! :))


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